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Wildlife Experience


Idube is chosen by visitors from all round the world who want to see not only lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos and elephants, but the many other creatures that make taking an African safari so exciting.

Impala, kudu, waterbuck and nyala, some of our many antelope species, are seen frequently.

Rangers delight in showing guests zebra and the much loved giraffe. Cheetahs and wild dogs are more difficult to see, but add to the thrill of the adventure.

At night, guests might see hippos feeding out of the water, white tailed mongooses, bushbabies, civets or the fleet footed jackals, not to mention lions on the hunt. These are just some of the fabulous wildlife Idube can offer.

For the many birders, there are more than 300 species of birds, a wealth of bird spotting moments.

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